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SURF Your Way to Massive Growth

Why do businesses fail to grow? In the world of digital marketing, there are an abundance of ways businesses can amplify their message and reach their customers. But even with that it’s still hard. Why?

At Kahuna Accelerator, our philosophy is to uncover a strategy for success and then align the tactics to meet the strategy. Most businesses get overwhelmed in tactics without clarifying the strategy.

Our approach to strategy is something we’ve used in our businesses for over 20 years. The SURF Strategy.

Survey: To build a plan you have to first Survey your current situation

Understand: Once you’ve surveyed your situation, you put that in the proper context as it relates to your goals

Respond: Once you understand where you are and where you need to go, you need a plan to move forward

Focus: With a clear vision, you can focus your effort and get results

SURF Your Way to Predictable Growth


This guide will take you through the exact process we have used at Kahuna Accounting to clarify our vision and build a consistent pipeline of leads and clients.


Kahuna Accelerator is the product of 20+ years of business growth. Curious about how we got here?


Interested in growing? Let’s go through the SURF process in a quick 30 minute call and we’ll determine where you are now and deliver your Opportunity Score with an exact plan to focus forward and maximize your business’ potential.


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