Does your business generate steady, predictable leads?

The most stressful part of business is the uncertainty. What if I can’t get any more clients? What if sales stop? 

Do you know how to remove that uncertainty? A predictable stream of leads. And... 

There is a simple way to do it, you just have to focus your effort and devote a little bit of time to it. In this 3-part video series, I'll walk you through a quick framework for generating quality, profitable leads that show up and ask for your help. Sign up now! 

Free 3-part Video Series

What's Inside

Part 1: Defining Your Target

Part 2: Build Your Ideal Client Journey

Part 3: Get Your Message in Front of Your Audience

About us: 

Micky Deming is the Director of Business Development at Kahuna Accounting. He has helped Kahuna grow from 0 to 250 clients in 3 years, and in 2016 Kahuna was named Xero Accounting Partner of the Year. 

Access the mini class now! 

Ready to Generate Steady, Predictable Leads?

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