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I think I stumbled onto something great. Two topics that seem to appear in my different social media feeds center around cold calling and losing weight. Why is that? I have no idea other than those two things are something that have my attention. Why would I connect those two topics? I don’t know. How will I connect those two topics? Read on…


Cold Calling


The thought just popped in my head. If I could effectively create a way to revive cold calling and end the debate I see on LinkedIn articles, I’d be freaking famous. The debate goes something like this…


Article #1 “Cold calling sucks… and it’s dead.
Article #2 “No, It’s not”


So the question I ask myself is do I need to structure a sales team and effectively incorporate cold calling? Let me be clear on one aspect… I am making a distinction on an outbound cold call to someone that doesn’t know you, your brand, or what you offer. A call to a warm prospect is something entirely different.


Cold calling is the cheapest and fastest way to reach a market if you are trying to get started, especially with a new product or service. It can also generate consistent, high quality leads. There are also numerous ways to help the effectiveness of each phone call. Some simple steps to increase conversion rates and get appointments are…


• Research prospect on LinkedIn
• Browse the company website
• Search Google News about prospect and company
• Create a list of responses to potential objections
• Personalize each call
• Send an email before and after


That list could be a lot longer and each step could be broken down into even more stages so you could better prepare. The fact is, you could be successful at cold calling and effectively generate revenue. The next question I ask myself is how efficient is cold calling?


According to this post from Hubspot, 6 Data-Driven Reasons Why Cold Calling Flat Out Sucks, Less than 2% of cold calls results in a meeting. Cold calling cost 60% more per lead than email marketing, social media or warm leads. Over 80% of decision makers absolutely will not buy from a cold call. In my experience, a majority of people hate to cold call. Those facts don’t help motivate individuals to get on the phone with strangers.


Weight Loss


So how does losing weight factor into this? One thing I constantly hear is “I need to start running so I can lose some weight.” Now by “running”, most people are talking about running long distances. A steady movement that will burn calories over a longer period of time. Will you lose weight running? Of course! There is no doubt that a whole lot of people have lost weight by running and running only. It’s easy to start running.


• Get some good shoes and go outside.
• Start with walking
• Then progress to run/walk
• Increase the length of the run


This could potentially start a habit that over time will help you lose weight. There’s no doubt it will increase the capacity of your cardiovascular conditioning. But I will ask myself again, how efficient is a jog at helping one lose weight?


If I wanted to write a 10,000 word post, I could easily draw conclusions from many resources comparing the effectiveness of jogging compared to weight training, interval training, HIIT, Crossfit and countless other ways people feel one should move. The bottom line for myself is again answering a simple question. Do I want to look like a marathon runner or a sprinter?


Referencing an Overview of running injuries of the lower extremity by Lisa R Callahan, MD, up to half of all runners in the United States report an injury every year. That leads me to believe most people don’t know how to run. Also in my experience, most people hate to run. So why would they attempt something once again that will hurt them and they will likely fail at?


The Dial Diet


That’s when the idea hit me. If I could develop a program where people lost weight by making cold calls, I would be considered a genius. Two things people find an excuse not to do because they don’t know where to start and there’s so many opinions on what is ideal to do. Or they think it’s hard and will make them feel miserable. The honest answer to the debate falls somewhere in the middle.


Depending on what your company offers and the way in which that offer needs to be delivered, will determine a best practice that you must develop. It will most likely be a hybrid process of many various techniques that will give you the best chance to succeed. The same goes for losing weight. As soon as I develop the cold call/lose weight program… you will probably be getting a call from a smaller me.