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As an entrepreneur, do you ever feel like the next step you take is always an unknown? Like nothing is predictable or defined, but you are constantly running into surprises, making mistakes, learning and eventually starting to figure things out?

We do. At Kahuna Accelerator (part of Kahuna Business Group) that’s been our story for the last 20 years.

It’s been hard!

But it’s been fun.

And, most of all, it’s been worth it.

That’s how we feel about entrepreneurship. It’s hard, fun and worth it. We believe in entrepreneurs and we want to see more who are thriving and helping their families and communities around them thrive.

Our mission at Kahuna Business Group is Learning, Living and Sharing the Journey of Entrepreneurship in Life, Business and Legacy.

Our Journey

What that means is it’s our mission to take what we’ve learned over 20+ years in business and help other entrepreneurs to have just a little bit easier of a time navigating.

That’s why we launched Kahuna Accounting over three years ago. We know that the numbers and accounting can be a huge pain. It was a pain for us in building the original Kahuna, Kahuna ATM Solutions. So we took the team we’ve built and started offering accounting services for entrepreneurs all over the country.

Three years later, we have helped 250+ entrepreneurs get clarity in their financials and were named Xero’s Accounting Partner of the Year in 2016.

This exciting journey has led to us being featured by some pretty recognizable names:
Entrepreneur on Fire
Pamela Slim
500 Startups
Digital Marketer
Design Pickle
Mike Michalowicz
7 Figure CEO Podcast
Monkeypod Marketing

And several others…

Our overall mission is an ecosystem of entrepreneurship where businesses thrive and rely on the best of the best for support.

We’ve also built TREPX Group, a community of entrepreneurship where we’ve interviewed 70 entrepreneurs to tell their stories.

We’ve launched a capital component to help businesses get the funding they need to grow when banks aren’t working with them.

Our founder, Frank Lunn, is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold businesses, written two books: Carpe Aqualis: Seize the Wave and STACK the Logs!, and is an all around fun guy! Hear him on the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast if you want an introduction.

But Enough about Us, Let’s Talk about You

So where are you in your journey? We emphasize that word, because as entrepreneurs we never arrive. It’s a continual journey. But there are certainly stages to that journey.

Early on, it can feel nearly impossible and there are more questions than answers?

Am I going to make it?

Am I good enough?

Am I just a fraud?

And that’s what brings us here today to Kahuna Accelerator, the site you are on now. In growing Kahuna Accounting the last 3 years, we’ve seen 250+ businesses at their most exposed, because they are opening up their financial life.

And we’ve realized that those questions, about making it and being good enough really come down to one thing.


Getting customers, clients, revenue.

Even our accounting team says it: Cash is King.

When you can consistently, predictably get clients and customers who will pay you and are glad they did it, you’ve really got something.

Introducing Kahuna Accelerator

So we’ve launched Kahuna Accelerator. The same team that has grown Kahuna Accounting and with the same DNA that Kahuna has had over last 20+ years with the mission of helping businesses grow and serve more clients so they can be confident in who they are.

We have a proven process and exact tools that we’ve used at Kahuna Accounting to help entrepreneurs get clarity on their growth strategy and to get more revenue in the door immediately.

If you are interested in working with us, a perfect place to start would be a quick 30 minute Strategic call where we’ll evaluate everything you are doing to grow and provide a game plan for growth. We’ve found that these 30 minutes can be a complete game changer for a business. And if nothing else, we can talk entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur and can share stories.

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