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The goal of sales and marketing is to take someone from a stranger into a raving fan of your business. What makes this hard is a natural trust gap when nobody has ever heard of you.

If you can’t establish trust, you can’t grow a business.

At Kahuna Accounting, this was a very important subject for us. Our service literally asks people for access to their bank accounts. So for us to ramp up sales, we had to get really good at establishing trust.

So here are 5 things we did to close the trust gap that you can use in your business right now.

1. Be the expert

This is what everybody says now, so I’ll be brief, but having solid, educational content on your website is a great way to establish trust.

For most of us, we do a lot of browsing and research before ever getting on a call with a business. So in that research, you’re looking through posts and the website.

If the content on your site is really good and helpful, you’ll immediately create a bit of trust with that prospect. If your free information is valuable for me, that gives me confidence that when I pay you, it will be worthwhile.

2. Be everywhere

Finding your niche is essential for building trust. Once you find a niche, you will find that even though the niche may have a lot of people in it, it’s a pretty small world once you’re there.

And when you identify where people are in your niche, you need to be there. You need to be everywhere they are. At Kahuna Accounting, we have 18 employees, and every time we say that on a call people are surprised, because they thought we were a lot bigger.

That’s because we might as well have been Amazon to them because we were absolutely everywhere they were. But for us, it wasn’t that many places, we just knew where to be. The events, the Linked In Groups, the websites to write on. We were everywhere.

3. Speak your prospects’ language

The most subtle way to establish trust is to truly understand your customers and what they want. Remember, people don’t care about you, they only care about themselves.

You would think you could establish trust by listing out your track record and accomplishments and recognition, but guess what: Nobody cares.

People care about themselves, The good thing is, when you get really good at understanding the pain of your potential clients and speaking directly to that pain, you’ll establish trust.

Again, this helps when you are in a niche, because you are not being generic you can speak to something very specific. When they hear that, they immediately believe you have some insider knowledge and truly get them which makes them want to work with you.

4. Transferred Trust

The fastest way to get prospects to trust you is to borrow trust from someone they already trust.

You see this all the time with podcasts. I listen to the Tim Ferriss Show, and whenever he promotes a book or product or guest, I immediately check them out and believe they have some credibility just because I trust Tim Ferriss to only share quality.

You probably won’t get on the Tim Ferriss Show, but your target audience already has certain people they trust deeply.

Find a way to build relationships with those influencers, and contribute for them. Offer to write content, share something unique or find out from them how you could help their people.

If that trusted influencer points to you as an expert, guess what, the people who trust them will immediately have trust for you.

5. In person interactions

This one is not as scalable, but getting on the phone with real people, and even better – meeting in person is a great way to establish trust.

The best way to do this is going to events where a lot of people you want to work with will be. Go to the event, do some research ahead of time to find out who is going to be there, and try to find space to have quick meetings.

A face to face contact and handshake goes a long way and people remember you. They also have trust because they actually feel like they know you a lot more than if they are only engaging your business through a screen.

Building trust is our only chance to get people to work with us. What are some ways you’ve built trust with prospects?