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Digital Marketing Training for more leads and sales

Our proven online training system provides everything you need to accelerate growth with social media, sales funnels, email marketing and more!

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About Kahuna Accelerator

As an entrepreneur trying to grow your business, it’s easy to get distracted with so many tactics and ideas that you never truly get the traction you want. To thrive, a business needs steady, predictable growth with the right clients seeing the right message.

At Kahuna Accelerator, we’ve helped several businesses do just that. Most recently we took Kahuna Accounting from scratch to 250+ clients, over $1M/year revenue and in 2016 were named Xero Accounting Partner of the Year.

Now we’ve launched Kahuna Accelerator to help you take your service and get it in front of the right people with the right message so prospects come right to you on a regular basis.

SURF Your Way to Predictable Growth


There are about a billion tactics in marketing and sales that can get you leads and growth. The problem is, with so many options and tactics, we drown in those ideas and never make meaningful traction. The key is to begin with the end in mind and build a strategy to simplify.


Once you are aligned with a strategy, you need to align your tactics to your strategy. Rather than moving something forward for a month, then immediately shifting to something else, your growth strategy should be aligned and moving in the
same direction.


At Kahuna Accelerator, we believe the strategy is most important, because there are so many resources out there who can execute on tactics. We believe in connection and finding specialists who play to their strengths. We have established a network of marketing geniuses who are all
ready to help.

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